Connie Bickman is an author, photographer, and artist, living in Arizona. Her diverse career spans the world of newspapers, owning her own publication and photography studio, and traveling the world as a photojournalist, among other endeavors.

Now “retired,” her writing passion is focused on books that not only interest her, but also are informative and entertaining. Current books include “Jungle Moon,” a romance novel set in the Peruvian Amazon, and “Pepper and the Stuffy Brigade,” a children’s book collaboration with her NY artist daughter who illustrated it.However, Bickman says “The Touchstone Diary, Books I&II” is her biggest accomplishment, taking eight years to complete. Research on the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene brought her to India, France, Israel, and Scotland. Book III of the trilogy (in progress) follows the fiction-based-on-historical-facts story to the Americas, discovering evidence of The Knights Templar in Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other East coast areas. Along with all the research and cross-referencing, Bickman also admits that a lot of the material in the Touchstone books has been channeled. It’s controversial, adventurous, awakening, and gives her readers a lot to process. Bickman’s Touchstone trilogy is definitely movie worthy!