For Ellen the urge to write had started long before her first book, with poems and miscellaneous writings.  In her formative years her family crisscrossed many of the southern and northern states; ultimately ending up in California. You will find her memories intertwined throughout her writings.

Her first effort was a short story named Kathleen/Catherine. To prove her dedication to the written word the story was typed on a small portable Smith Corona typewriter, no computer screen, spell check, correction, save or print key. Off went copies to many of the popular magazines of the day. A response from Red Book stating they were not looking at this time for that particular genre, they liked her writing style and if she had any pieces towards women’s rights, they would be interested in seeing them. 

A New York Agent became excited about her work and began to guide her through the publishing process. Then 9/11 happened, and her writing went on hold, and she re-entered the workforce. 

As the years rolled by Ellen authored Kathleen/Catherine, One for the Money, and Murder by Proxy, and in a different genre CeeCee Shades of Black.