Linda Chamley Johnson lived a nomadic life growing up. Her father’s job took her all over the United States, generally spending no more than six to eight months in one place.  This became the impetus for her imagination. Her characters, settings, and plotlines developed organically from the tapestry of experiences in each new environment.  She continued this lifestyle when she broadened her travel internationally as a stewardess/flight attendant/purser for Pan American World Airways before resuming a 45+ year career in education, her true love.

Poetry came naturally from an early age, followed by essays written to make sense of the conflicting environments in her travels. These journeys grew her imagination and ability to see life from different lenses. Still, she never considered writing a novel until she was 70 and then only to rid herself of some demons that had plagued her since childhood. Her first mystery grew from this need. Her second mystery was more of an obsession to hone her developing writing skillset. The third mystery, in process, is simply the result of becoming an author and drinking in the depth of and complexities of yet another genre.