Lynne Anders is a relatively new author who lives in the heat of Arizona most of the year with her husband and friends. You can also find her on a cruise ship during spring and in New York City to see plays in the in fall.

She began her writing career at a very early age when she created a simple poem and was asked to read it before her school assembly. The writing bug possessed her from that one magic moment on. However, the need to earn a living pulled her away from serious writing. Instead of creating characters, she spent years in the accounting and property management industry, and wrote poems only on occasion. However, after she retired, she decided it was time to return to her first love. The outcome of that desire can be found on Amazon.

Lynne enjoys writing about small-town America, possibly because of her Midwestern background, and believes friendships and lasting relationships weather the storm more easily when the pace and distractions from large cities are not part of the equation.

You can find Lynne here:
Instagram: AuthorAnders
Facebook: LynneAnders
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