Paul Johnson is a tour guide and author working in Sedona, Arizona, a small artsy town that annually attracts five million visitors, all aspiring to balance their chakras, get lost in beautiful red rock canyons, and levitate over sacred vortexes. He has toured thousands of visitors to natural and cultural sites in Northern Arizona, and on various Native Nations. Paul shares stories, geologies, and histories to educate his guests about the Southwest’s multicultural past and present.

The Sedona Chi Mystery series follows the adventures of Skip Rhodes, an Arizona guide with a secret past and his friend Kulkulkan Balthazar, a half Mayan plumber to the stars. In Tale of the Broken Spoke and Whitewater Honeymoon, the two friends encounter murder, mystery, and mayhem amongst Arizona’s dramatic scenery and cultural history. Paul is currently working on Book 3 in the series, scheduled for release in late 2023, which delves deeper into the character Kulkulkan Balthazar and his Mayan heritage.

Before falling in love with the desert, Paul was an urban planner working in central city neighborhoods. When not telling or writing stories, he travels extensively, having visited over thirty countries. Contact Paul through his website