Randy is a world traveler, businessman and writer with roots in both the lakes and forests of Minnesota and the deserts and mountains of Arizona.  He was a co-editor of the literary magazine “Catalyst” at Arizona State University and co-editor of the International Journal of Law and Policy the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.  His most favorite business was owning a large used bookstore in Phoenix. Each evening at closing, they placed children’s books outside the front door in a “free box” and encouraged children in the neighborhood to take a book home to read.  Always ready for another adventure, he writes “A Mystery of Nature Series” where the young reader must solve a mystery of nature—-e.g., how was the Grand Canyon formed?

Randy and his wife Rose live in Arizona and have 5 young granddaughters—all of whom enjoy reading “Papa’s” books!!

Note:  Randy donates the profits from the sales of his books to Camp Not-A-Wheeze, an Arizona 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization comprised of an all-volunteer group of medical professionals who devote their time and sponsor a one-week summer camp to teach children with asthma how to manage their life-long disease.