Sohrab Rezvan started his professional career in the field of emergency management after completing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from George Mason University in Virginia. After several years, and completion of his master’s degree in Information Systems, he changed careers into the field of data analytics, where he still works full-time today.

In 2019, he started writing children’s stories in his free time to entertain his two young children. He wrote off and on for about a year and a half before getting serious about writing in mid-2021 with the founding of his company, Flat Mountain Publishing.

He self-published his first book, The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 1: Chase Away the Dragons, in January 2022 and his second book, The Adventures of Princess and Goose Book 2: Sir Logan and the Witches, in July 2022. He published his third book, The Toot Vortex, in December 2022. He is hard at work on several more books for release in 2023.