I grew up as a military brat, born and raised mainly in Germany.

I have always been surrounded by people of different ethnicities and races my entire life and loved learning about their cultures. Now I live in Arizona with my husband and two children. My daughter having Down Syndrome, encouraged me to start my journey as an Author & Illustrator. I want others to learn how to embrace their differences and never try to fit in, but. SHINE BRIGHT IN THEIR OWN SKIN.

I love to write books about differences and believe that through reading, children can grow up prepared for all the differences in the world. “If you want to see a difference in the world, change starts with you.”

My children’s books are based on my personal experience. I’ve had to adapt my parenting towards both of my children and witnessed how other children behave around my daughter. A simple HELLO to any person, whether they might look or sound different, is only the beginning to understand and embrace others.I want my books to be more than just a fun story. Children will be able to learn important life lessons as they read.