Author Audrey Semprun

VIsit Audrey’s WEbsite Author Audrey Semprun Audrey lives in Prescott, Arizona, with her husband, Al, their large dog, Duke, her little dog, Lily, and a parakeet named Snow. She gleans inspiration from her small-town community, and from the beauty that surrounds her in their mountain-desert home. Her work has been in several Anthologies, and these […]

Author Michelle Winkler

VIsit Michelle’s WEbsite Author Michelle Winkler Michelle Winkler was convinced by her husband to live in the Arizona desert. While skeptical at first, she realized if she could survive hitchhiking halfway cross country at 20 years old, spend eight years in the Navy, and raise two sons, as long as she had air-conditioning, she’d probably […]

Author Kristina Lowe

VIsit Kristina’s WEbsite Author Kristina Lowe Kristina Lowe is the author of several independently published works. Her adult book series of supernatural thrillers is comprised of three novels (so far) titled Jameson, Angus, and Diana. They comprise the Jimmy and Kane Book Series, and are available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats. Kristina […]

Author R. Gregg Miller

VIsit Greggs WEbsite Author R. Gregg Miller After twenty-five years chasing the bad guys around the streets of Los Angeles, R Gregg Miller retired to chase his toddler around the house. Instead of dragging a war bag to the trunk of a police car, he started tossing a stroller and diaper bag into the back […]

Author Andrew Wierenga

VIsit Andrew’s WEbsite Author Andrew Wierenga Dr. Andrew P. Wierenga grew up in Wisconsin, completed college in Iowa, then moved to Florida to work in the corporate world. He completed his MBA while working full-time and was the IT program director, mentor, and Adjunct Professor at Webster University in Jacksonville, FL. From Florida, he moved […]

Author Benny Aguirre

VIsit Benny’s WEbsite Author Benny Aguirre Benny Aguirre is the author of Captain Pegleg Willie and Captain Pegleg Willie II. I am involved in two re-enactment groups. My character is a pirate known as Captain Gato Bajau. Once, while at a park and swap, I came across a large plush pirate parrot I purchased and […]

Author Larry McDermott

Author Larry McDermott Larry McDermott has explored many of the fabled trails, forts, and boom towns depicted in this story. As a Western enthusiast, he has participated in several old West historical adventures and escapades. Owner of two saddle mules, he has ridden high mountain wilderness and frontier trails, experiencing the American West on horseback […]

Author PJ Hultstrand

VIsit PJ’s WEbsite Author PJ Hultstrand PJ Hultstrand is the author of 14 books in the Time-Travel Romance and New Adult Paranormal Fantasy genres. She also has an award-winning non-fiction, “The Jungle Survival Guide to Media Kits for Authors,” and a little duck series for children. She has also been a book publisher, managing editor […]

Author C.K. Donnelly

VIsit C.K.’s WEbsite Author C.K. Donnelly As a kid, C.K. Donnelly wrote stories under the covers with a flashlight. The award-winning journalist and self-described “unsuccessful quitter” went on to release her first novel, “Trine Rising, The Kinderra Saga: Book 1,” in 2020. Since then, she has published two sequels, “Trine Fallacy: Book 2” and “Trine […]

Author Jonathan Pembroke

VIsit Jonathan’s WEbsite Author Jonathan Pembroke A meteorologist in a former life, Jonathan Pembroke now spends his days crafting a completely different type of made-up tales. His adult fantasy series includes The Holly Sisters, Tales of Bleakwater, and Way of the Pathfinder, and his middle-grade fantasy series is called Protectors of Palladia. When not writing, […]