Author Benny Aguirre

VIsit Benny’s WEbsite Author Benny Aguirre Benny Aguirre is the author of Captain Pegleg Willie and Captain Pegleg Willie II. I am involved in two re-enactment groups. My character is a pirate known as Captain Gato Bajau. Once, while at a park and swap, I came across a large plush pirate parrot I purchased and […]

Author Larry McDermott

Author Larry McDermott Larry McDermott has explored many of the fabled trails, forts, and boom towns depicted in this story. As a Western enthusiast, he has participated in several old West historical adventures and escapades. Owner of two saddle mules, he has ridden high mountain wilderness and frontier trails, experiencing the American West on horseback […]

Author PJ Hultstrand

VIsit PJ’s WEbsite Author PJ Hultstrand PJ Hultstrand is the author of 14 books in the Time-Travel Romance and New Adult Paranormal Fantasy genres. She also has an award-winning non-fiction, “The Jungle Survival Guide to Media Kits for Authors,” and a little duck series for children. She has also been a book publisher, managing editor […]

Author C.K. Donnelly

VIsit C.K.’s WEbsite Author C.K. Donnelly As a kid, C.K. Donnelly wrote stories under the covers with a flashlight. The award-winning journalist and self-described “unsuccessful quitter” went on to release her first novel, “Trine Rising, The Kinderra Saga: Book 1,” in 2020. Since then, she has published two sequels, “Trine Fallacy: Book 2” and “Trine […]

Author Jonathan Pembroke

VIsit Jonathan’s WEbsite Author Jonathan Pembroke A meteorologist in a former life, Jonathan Pembroke now spends his days crafting a completely different type of made-up tales. His adult fantasy series includes The Holly Sisters, Tales of Bleakwater, and Way of the Pathfinder, and his middle-grade fantasy series is called Protectors of Palladia. When not writing, […]

Author Quang Tran

VIsit Quang’s WEbsite Author Quang Tran Quang Tran is a new author debuting the first fantasy book in a trilogy. He recently left 16 years of military service and has always carried a love for all things fantasy. Realizing there weren’t many books that blended the reality of our current conflicts in war with fantasy, […]

Author Ann Marie Conklin

VIsit Ann Marie’s WEbsite Author Ann Marie Conklin Ann Marie Conklin is a licensed therapist who treated traumatized children for over 25 years. She was a professor of psychology and lectured on the use of art therapy in the treatment of child abuse. Ann Marie is a survivor herself and she wrote her riveting memoir […]

Author William Smitherman

VIsit William’s WEbsite Author William Smitherman William D. Smitheman, SR, is a retired executive who lives in Chandler, Arizona. His interest in writing stories for children began several years ago when he volunteered to read books to children at local schools and hospitals. His book, The Adventures of Henry Lee Turtle, is about a twin […]

Author Nancy Marshall

VIsit Nancy’s WEbsite Author Nancy Marshall Nancy Marshall was born in New York and moved to Arizona in 1975. She spent many weekends with her family at a cabin outside Prescott. There, she encountered an Arizona Black Rattlesnake. He had stories to tell about his fellow wild creatures—thus was born A RATTLER’S TALE. It was […]

Author Danielle Pardun

VIsit Danielle’s WEbsite Author Danielle Pardun Danielle Pardun has been writing since she was very young. What used to be journals, poetry, and short stories where everyone would die at the end has become worlds of fantasy and characters who show fierce loyalty and bravery. SALT is her first work of YA romance and fantasy, […]